Bottle with Ocean Plastic™ Sleeve

Limited Edition Available Exclusively at Starbucks®

Good for you, better for the ocean

Soma is proud to partner with Parley and Starbucks to bring you this reusable BPA-free glass vessel. Parley for the Oceans is a global network of creatives, brands, governments and NGOs committed to protecting the oceans.

Parley bottle


90% of the bottle sleeve is made from material equivalent to two plastic bottles intercepted from remote islands and coastal communities.


The Soma glass water bottle is lightweight and durable, holds 17 oz. and is made from 100% BPA-free, shatter-resistant glass.


Our natural bamboo cap is leak-proof and made from renewable resources. The mouth design delivers a comfortable drinking experience.

Let’s invent our way out of this mess

Parley's process turns trash into eco-innovative durable materials that create change.

Step 1

Parley’s mission is to protect the ocean by removing plastic from shorelines, ghostnets from seas, and intercepting plastic waste before it reaches landfills, rivers, and oceans.

Step 2

Intercepted PET bottles are then transformed into a pellet through the pelletizing process, where flakes are heated, cleaned, dried and extruded into pellets.

Step 3

Pellets are then melted into filament, which is transformed into neoprene. The neoprene sleeve, containing the equivalent of two PET bottles, is placed on to the bottle.

Get it now before it’s gone

Find the Soma x Parley Limited Edition Ocean Plastic Bottle at a Starbucks location near you.

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